No more scout bucks

We will not be doing the scout bucks feature anymore. So you will not be able to use them or earn them anymore.

Walk through the website

1 . Go to  to access the website

2. If you want to sign up you have will have to ask either me or any other leader


4. Only post scouting stuff. I don’t want to see a post that says hey oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party at Mikes tonight Say hola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.  No more spam emails most packing lists and info like that will be on the website.

Other than that I want to have fun with this website, and I am really excited that scouting is evolving into modern day technology.

Greylock ,and Scout Camp

Who had a great time at TVSR? I know a lot of the new scouts did. Most of them were really scared when they first entered camp. After all of the weeks activities they did not want to leave. I know I had  a great time ,and I hope you guys did too.  I know we will be biking ,and hiking Mt.Greylock on the last weekend of this month. Packing lists ,and more details coming soon.  I just have one last thing to say. I know we are all going to miss Mrs.Keimeg I know I will. When I first entered scouts a year ago the Keimeg welcomed me with great tasks ,and new adventures. She has always been one of my biggest role models ,and I am very sad to see her go. I hope you guys can make the party this Saturday ,and don’t forget Greylock!

Flag Retirement Ceremony

flag 1Troop 306 will conduct a Flag Retirement Ceremony at Worcester County Memorial Park on Saturday July 26th starting at 10:00 AM. This ceremony marks the formal retirement of US Flags distributed by the Troop on Memorial Day and is an equally important event. All Scouts are requested to attend in full Class A uniform.