Be Prepared for Summer Camp 2015

The temperatures have finally made it above freezing and it is hard to believe camp is just 22 weeks away. Troop 306 will attend Treasure Valley from Sunday, August 2nd to Friday August 7th. There are a few things to think about now to ensure you are prepared…

  • Schedule camp physicals: All scouts must have a full physical before attending Scout Camp, schedule early to ensure they are completed before camp.
  • Develop a payment plan: Camp fee of $360 is due by the Court of Honor on Sunday, April 26th. Make a plan to put money aside each weak or make periodic payments to the Troop Treasurer.
  • Gather your gear: Scout Camp does not require a lot of additional equipment, but if there are items that need to be purchased plan ahead…so your not up to midnight the night before packing. We will distribute the gear list at our planning meeting.
  • Join the Troop 306 Website: “Follow” the Rutland Troop 306 website to get email notifications when important camp information is posted.
  • Attend the Pre-Camp Planning Meeting: We will be scheduling a Pre-Camp Planning Meeting for all parents to ask questions and exchange information. Watch the Troop 306 Website and your email for details.

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