Rush for the Gold – Klondike Derby 2015

Get ready for the Klondike Derby Saturday, February 7, 2015 at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation.

We will meet at the East Lodge at 7:30 AM. Pick-up will be at 3:30. Follow the signs as you enter camp.

Please check you emails for updates from the Senior Patrol Leader, including what each scout must bring for individual and Patrol supplies.

Dress for the weather…Dress in layers. It will be cold, but Scouts will be doing a lot of running…so make sure you can dress down as you move and dress up when you stop. Staying dry is the key to happiness…stay dry and stay warm.

Scouts will be eating “on the trail.” so plan accordingly. Each patrol will have a stove to warm water for dehydrated meals…EVERY SCOUT will eat something warm at lunch!!!

Remember your 12 Essentials (they are on the web page) and your snow shoes. We will bring the Troop snow shoes for the new scouts who do not have them.

Looks to be a great day…See you there!

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