Mount Monadnock 2014

Great trip this past weekend…20 scouts, 20 degrees. The purpose of these trips is to allow the scouts to exercise their skills while bolstering their confidence in their abilities and their gear. The smell of great food cooking Saturday night was a indication that we all continue to learn and grow. Great work by all.

On a related note, we did have some issues with packing gear and food from the packing list. Please remember the packing list was developed for the safety and well being of ALL scouts and leaders. An injured hiker in the wilderness will require 12-15 rescuers to be safely extricated, we cannot put ourselves in that position because we “forgot” to pack an essential item. Remember out motto…and Be Prepared.

One thought on “Mount Monadnock 2014

  1. All scouts need to attend the meeting prior to an event to do the backpack check, all items are reviewed and checked to be sure guys have what the need and leave out what they don’t! We need assistance from parents to trust the process and help the scout cooperate with gear requirements. When dealing with about thirty people, one person’s problem can affect everyone significantly. Lets minimize the potential issues by following the troop gear requirements please.


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